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Digital Transformation for SMEs

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Digital transformation could mean different things to different organizations. At the very core, it means putting in place software systems that collect data and turn them into actionable information. Startups nowadays are employing these methods in novel ways to generate value for themselves and the customers that they are targeting. Likewise, SMEs should also undergo digital transformation to improve their competitiveness.

Creating More Value

One such activity is understanding what additional value the customers can gain from interacting with your website. Are they looking for more functionality other than knowing about your company more? Do they want a service that you can easily deliver through your website? Ask yourself questions like these to guide you to digital transformation.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Another activity to consider is automating repetitive tasks using existing automation tools. These could be as simple as logging your purchase orders or invoicing your customers. It could also be about ordering materials automatically before the inventory runs out.

Eliminating Bottlenecks

Look for bottlenecks in your processes. Are there measures you can put in place to eliminate them? Are there existing solutions for your bottleneck problems?

Removing Sources of Frustration

Gather inputs from your employees. What are the issues they observe? Are there unnecessary sources of frustration that your company can quickly resolve?


Digital transformation doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. There needs to be a business case where the investment cost will see a healthy return on investment.

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