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Digital Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs Now

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You want to bring your business to the next level but are unsure how to do it. Here are some digital tools you need to move things in the right direction.

WordPress Website

All businesses today, big or small, need a website. The cost of having your website is little compared to the benefits of having one. Here’s a list of why you need a website for your small business.

  1. It’s the “welcome mat” of your business.
  2. It shows that your business exists.
  3. It allows you to sell your products and services online.
  4. It shows potential clients that your business is the right fit.
  5. It allows customers to find you on Google.
  6. It increases your credibility.
  7. It increases your competitiveness.
  8. It extends your brick-and-mortar business’s reach.
  9. It gives your customers a good impression of working with you.
  10. It is a digital brochure.
  11. It is free advertising.

WordPress is an open-source software used for creating beautiful, cost-effective websites.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows you to take charge of your business’s appearance on Google Search and Maps. Your business profile lets you connect with customers, post updates, list your products and services, accept online orders, and more.

HubSpot CRM System

A customer relationship management (CRM) system collects, organizes, and manages all your customer-related information to track the buyer’s journey for every individual you interact with, streamline communication, enhance the customer experience, and improve data management.

HubSpot makes it easy for your entire company to work together — from marketing to sales to customer service. Each hub is powerful alone, but they’re even better together.

Digital Advertising Platforms

Using paid digital marketing allows you to target customers who intend to pay for your products or services. These tools bring relevant visitors to your website, thereby increasing your visibility.

Google and Facebook provide free courses on how to use their advertising platforms effectively.

Automation Software

Automate repetitive business activities using robotic process automation software (RPA). RPA can save you valuable time by automating simple tasks. It also reduces errors from happening as it eliminates human intervention.

Microsoft Power Automate and UiPath are some of the best RPA tools currently in the market.


Growing your business is not easy, and you need all the help you can get. These include using the technology available to increase your productivity.

There are many other digital tools in the market today, some of which might be perfect for your business.

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